Baron Surfboards est. 1966
Baron surfboards was founded in 1966 by Baron Stander Snr. In those early years, it the love of the sport and the lack of custom built surfboards that necessitated the opening of a surfboard factory. Since there were only 1 or 2 factories in South Africa at the time, it was very hard to get your hands on a custom built surfboard. Baron (snr) decided he would start building his own surfboards, which led to a few friends buying surfboards and then a proper business being formed.

Thru trial and error, he perfected the art of surfboard building, making surfboards for most of the early pioneers of the surf riding fraternity. After Many years and even more surfboards, Baron (snr) decided to step back from the surfboard building business, and concentrate on his surfboard museum and his surfing and fishing reports live on East Coast Radio.

In 1987 Baron (snr) passed on the mantle of running the company to Baron Stander junior. The factory was kept small with around 15 surfboards being produced each week. Even thou the demand was much higher than the output of the factory, we as a company did not want to grow to rapidly and implode from growing too big. We felt we would rather build a solid foundation, and then expand our product line.